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Photo workshop - Day 2
Joshua Tree National Park

It was some 15 yrs back when I came to know of Josh Tree National reserve/forest in Humayun Ahmed's book. He mentioned he was there on moonlit night, one type of cactii growing in this particular area and, it was surreal.

This was my first time in Joshua tree NP on a photo-shoot workshop. I had to edit from 250 to 13 photographs. These are the ones that I liked most.

I came across these nomadic climbers who climb "every single day" of the year. Joshua Tree NP is climbers 'Mecca' - these people spent entire winter here (outback camping). I was fortunate enough to hike with them (short hikes) and, be inside two caves (Iron-door and Hobbit's hole) - I had crawl myself inside Hobbit's hole. Very much memorable experience.

More photos from JT in other albums.