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Created 26-Nov-09
Modified 26-Nov-09
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Memories from Dhaka

As a Bangladeshi living in the US for 15+ years, my background continues to shape my life here. Every time I go back to Dhaka, I try to reconnect myself with its insignificant details; I use them to reconnect with what I have left behind. Albeit, an immigrant with reminiscing for the sights, sounds, and smells that are childhood impressions of my cultural homeland.

I reclaim my city through lenses of my camera.
I see everyday life in Dhaka - every insignificant detail unfolds a unique story; stolen moments of the everyday life of the city seem to be frozen into beauty: a rickshaw puller fixing his rickshaw, a street-side barber shop, the ‘chai’ store, wandering little girls collecting leaves, construction workers, with buses, more busy, busier views of Dhaka – some compositions with blurred foregrounds, with plays on reflections and shadows, all that can give the viewer an apprehension of memories from my past.
Glimpses of fleeting happiness -
Slow pace of rickshaws
Graceful movements of construction workers
Joyful rest of hard-working people
Laughter of street children..

I wanted the sense of artistry to be carried through in the photographs which explore plays of light and reflection capturing a spirit and shaping an atmosphere – all these were made on gelatin silver 16x20 fiber based paper. There is no unnatural happenings in these photos - As though the street were a stage, and its people were all actors and actors, mimes, orators, and dancers.

Photos from this album was hosted in exhibitions in Arizona State University and Univ of California, Davis.