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We hiked 'Fairy loops trail' and scrambled our way up to get birds eye view of the Grand Prismatic Spring. In the evening, we watched the divine sunset near the hot spring - it was cold and, misty; felt cozy with the vapors; it almost looked like sunset in a warm ocean - for some reason, reminds me of the Maheshkhali sunset from 20 yrs back.

Grand Prismatic Spring in the Med Geyser basin is the largest and one of most brilliant of Yellowstone's many colorful hot springs. Its massive expanse stretches approx 200 ft across. The high temperature of its water (160F) - ensures that the spring is often cloaked in steam.

Deep beneath us, magma from an active volcano heats water that rises to the surface through fissures in the rock. The result is a hot spring that pours almost 500g of hot water each minute into Firehole River.

The intense blue color in the center of this hot spring is due to sunlight being scattered by fine particles suspended in the water. The yellow, orange and brown colors encircling the spring are caused by thermophiles - heat loving microorganism.