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Between 1500-1900, the Arenal Volcano remained silent and was considered by many to be extinct.
On Monday, July 29, 1968 at 7:30 AM, the Arenal Volcano suddenly and violently erupted. The eruptions continued unabated for several days, burying over 15 square kilometers with rocks, lava and ash. It buried 3 small villages – Tabacón, Pueblo Nuevo and San Luís – and affected more than 232 square kilometers of land.
Lava flow trail in Arenal1968 takes to the lave fields created by this 1968 eruptions.
Arenal lava trail - the start. Amaya the explorer, explored this trail all by herself. And, she was the one who finally won.Mukti, Amaya and Tanveer like dots.Amaya watching the antsOO that's convertibleCerro Arenal and the Arenal lake.Isn't she so cute?