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In South Kanarchar of Keraniganj, next to the environmental-friendly award-winning bamboo school, there is a brickfield. This is one of the 8000 brickfields in Bangladesh, a country in constant demand for affordable building material due to fast urbanization.
Men and women from young teenagers to grandparents relocate here from rural areas. They live here in dry seasons (6/7 months). The brick-making process is done almost entirely by hand. The soil is mixed with water, formed into bricks using wooden forms, then left to dry in the sun before being burned in traditional kilns. The work is hard manual labor with crushing loads and extreme exposures to dust for long hours.

The teenage warrior is a hard-working hero who is still proud of his war; he beams as he digs soil with his own hands.
The young men and women are caked in dust. They do not talk. They work quiet. The are coated with red dust. Even the lashes and brows. You can hear their long and labored breathing.
The children play in the chalky red dust.
The family rests in temporary abode which are less than 5ft high; these are made so that one can only sit and lie down.
The warriors in the brickfield