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Prince William Sound is located in the heart of South Central Alaska with some of the most spectacular coastlines and glaciers.
Columbia Glacier is the second largest tidewater glacier in North America, and spills forty miles out of the Chugach Mountains and ends with a three-mile wide face. Paddling here is known as 'Bluewater' kayaking, referring to the coastal areas characterised by extreme tidal fluctuations, cold water temperatures and high wind and rain.

Sea kayaking in Prince William Sound, and in all coastal areas of Alaska isn't like ocean touring - this is a trek that requires careful attention to the tidal fluctuations and paddlers schedule days around the changing tides, travelling with the tidal current or during slack tide for easy paddling.

We cruise into Heather Bay where we climbed into our kayaks for a few hours of paddling amongst the icebergs. We took break on the glaciers terminal moraine and paddled back to boat.