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'Songs from Mist and Fog' is the story of longing for my home-country Bangladesh and finding it through photos and words. This is a multi-layer book project combining black & white photos of fog/mist with color photos of people from my hometown in Bangladesh.
I go back to Dhaka every year, and I strive to reconnect to my city. I go out early in the morning or evening to feel the city to myself. That is how "Song from Mist and Fog" was born. Fog is the metaphor to my inner state. The color photos are when fog lifts over, the light breaks through the mist and the day bursts into life - this is everyday life. Looking at the land and people in it is really about the inner land; and striving to transcend to a visual poetry from the rawness of daily life and the connection between faces and landscape.

To me, it feels like all coming back to me - the sights, sound and smells of the place that molded my childhood and youth - the glimpses of my soul.
The different pieces are sewn with common thread of everyday life and my memory of going back. The experience of the place and people.