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We stayed in the tiny village of Oia (Ia) - north of Santorini with sweeping views over a picture-perfect caldera—the result of a volcanic eruption around 1600 B.C. The moment we had stepped, I fall in love of this place - the intense, brilliant whites - the walls and steps, blue domed churches, the cave houses that perch atop the cliffs in a seemingly haphazard cluster overlooking the sea. Contrasted with the deep azure blue of the Aegean sea and the milder sky, it was surreal, but dazzlingly beautiful. It was beautiful and peaceful - beyond everything.
West-end of the Oia village - three hundred steps downward took us to the Ammoudi bay - watched the golden sunset as it sets over the Sea.
On our way back, Amaya kept us entertained in souvenir shops..