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Ruins and landscape of Pisac and its local colorful markets, valley below and patches of agricultural terraces reminds of the peaceful habitants from the past. Small villages lined the valley floor, while the stone fortresses in Pisac served the dual purpose of providing protection and serving as religious centers.
The fortress in Ollantaytambo is a stone structure that climbs massive terraces reaching the top of a high peak – this was the valley’s main defense against the Antis and was the site of the Incas’ greatest victory against the Spanish during the wars of conquest. Constructed of rose-colored granite, this huge installation was once a thriving complex of baths, temples and military barracks. Below the fortress lies a complete Incan town, also called Ollantaytambo, still inhabited and with its original architecture and layout preserved. This town is magical, built on Incan walls and an active, busy Incan town - still.